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Wellness Resources

Wellness Initiative in Pediatrics (WIP)

Wellness: The quality of the state of being in good health, especially as an actively sought goal. (The Merriam-Webster dictionary)

Overview and Goals

  • Faculty wellness has its roots in the workplace health promotion literature
  • Burnout comprises 3 dimensions: emotionalexhaustion, depersonalization, and a sense of lack of personalaccomplishment. Physicians are prime candidates for burnout.They tend to be hard working and to have high standards, and they are frequently perfectionistic.
  • Currently, faculty wellness issues are particularly poignant due to the growing pressures that exist. For example, academic workloads; stressful tenure and promotion processes; widespread higher education and undergraduate program reforms; shrinking operating budgets; competition for student enrollments; diverse student learning needs; proliferation of technological and administrative demands, etc.
  • Faculty wellness effects productivity, retention of quality faculty, illness rates, and absences.
  • Faculty members whom are better supported and able to cope with the significant challenges and growing complexity of higher education, are more likely to be able to respond effectively to the increasing research, teaching and service expectations of academic life.
  • There is an interconnectedness between individual faculty wellness and institutional wellness.

Domains of Wellness

  • Physical wellness
  • Intellectual wellness 
  • Social wellness 
  • Spiritual wellness 
  • Emotional wellness

Overview of Current Initiatives

I. Faculty Meeting 3 minute DOP Wellness Initiative in Pediatrics—Important Topic (WIP-IT)

  1. 5 times a year during faculty meeting
  2. 1 slide: prevalence rates in faculty based on literature
  3. 1 slide: key issues within realm of the monthly topic
  4. 1 slide: summarizing online and/or local resources and/or reading material

II. Faculty Development Seminar

  1. Quarterly Wellness Seminars

III. Annual Faculty Wellness Grand Rounds

  1. Annual Wellness Grand Rounds

Date and Time: See the educational calendar for details.These sessions are on the first Tuesday of every month at noon (unless otherwise noted)

Venue: Committee for the Future Conference Room (unless otherwise noted) 


DOP Wellness Initiative in Pediatrics will be collaborating with UAMS Main Campus Wellness Initiatives as well as ACH Employee Wellness programming.

DOP Faculty, please look at the compoint site for additional resources available to you (including the Employee Assistance Program and other related resources). You may also wish to access the UAMS College of Medicine Faculty Wellness Program.


Click here for information on the UAMS Faculty and Employee walk-in clinic.


Onlife Health offers UAMS employees and their spouses who are insured under UMR free access to the Onlife Wellness Program.  Click here to learn more about this wonderful program.

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