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The Arkansas LEDBP program is a fellowship training for physicians interested in obtaining a subspecialty board certification in Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics. The fellowship is based at one of the largest children’s hospitals and with one of the most innovative Developmental Behavioral programs in the nation. A multidisciplinary collaboration of professionals to complete team diagnostics with community treatment in most cases within a fifty mile radius of the medical home and state of the art intervention through system development of community resources.

Training and education, service access, public policy and advocacy, and research and evaluation offer a unique education for the LEDBP Scholarship applicants. Arkansas LEDBP programs are all University based programs that provide care for both children and adults with special health care needs statewide that cross state and organizational boundaries with clinical, research and training initiatives. The Arkansas LEDBP instructors are Developmental- Behavioral Developmental physicians on faculty at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Arkansas LEDBP training clinics are also integrated with local communities and utilize local services to ensure individualized care for at- risk children and persons with severe disabilities often confused with Autism or ASD. The Arkansas LEDBP programs are dedicated to serving this population of children and families with severe disabilities through a Center of Excellence that promotes an increased awareness of neuro-developmental and Behavioral disabilities through evidenced-based education, early detection and early intervention and clinical programs without barriers to service related to financial, cultural or location.

The UAMS/LEDBP Center of Excellence goals provide fellows with exemplary training in the knowledge base needed in order to be a competent developmental behavioral pediatrician (DBP) and share that knowledge with others through teaching and networking with community resources. To train fellows to be active and professional participants in the interdisciplinary approach to clinical care that affords quality care to patients that is culturally sensitive and family centered. To train fellows in the foundation of research that affords for evidence based care and evidenced based research as well as a critical mind to analyze the literature in order to improve their own life long practice of DBP medicine. Finally, to train fellows in the awareness of the larger community in which practice, training focus on leadership in the field of DBP and an advocate for children with disabilities and special health care needs.

Fellows in the UAMS Developmental Behavioral (DBP) Training Program will be medical trainees who have completed pediatric residency training and not only desire additional training in the field of DBP medicine, but specific training in research, child advocacy, leadership and system based practice that integrates local communities and a national system, services ad agencies in order to improve the quality of care for children with disabilities.

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