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Thomas Andrew Burrow, M.D.

  • Associate Professor, College of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics


  • Genetics & Metabolism


  • Genetics

Contact Information


  • B.S., University of Central Arkansas, 1999
  • M.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, 2003

Licensure and Board Certification

  • American Board of Medical Specialties, Medical Genetics, Clinical Biochemical Genetics
  • American Board of Medical Specialties, Medical Genetics, Clinical Genetics (M.D.)
  • American Board of Medical Specialties, Pediatrics

Recent Honors

  • Fellow in Biochemical Genetics, Genzyme and the American College of Medical Genetics Foundation, 2007
  • Fellow Award for Scholarly Excellence, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, 2009
  • Making a Difference Award Nominee, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, 2015

Recent Publications

  • Journal Article, Pleat R,Cox TM,Burrow TA,Giraldo P,Goker-Alpan O,Rosenbloom BE,Croal LR,Underhill LH,Gaemers SJ,Peterschmitt MJ Stability is maintained in adults with Gaucher disease type 1 switched from velaglucerase alfa to eliglustat or imiglucerase: A sub-analysis of the eliglustat ENCORE trial. Mol Genet Metab Rep 2016 Dec 9 25-28.
  • Journal Article, Elstein D,Burrow TA,Charrow J,Giraldo P,Mehta A,Pastores GM,Lee HM,Mellgard B,Zimran A Home infusion of intravenous velaglucerase alfa: Experience from pooled clinical studies in 104 patients with type 1 Gaucher disease. Mol Genet Metab 2016 Aug 23.
  • Journal Article, Schuurs-Hoeijmakers JH,Landsverk ML,Foulds N,Kukolich MK,Gavrilova RH,Greville-Heygate S,Hanson-Kahn A,Bernstein JA,Glass J,Chitayat D,Burrow TA,Husami A,Collins K,Wusik K,van der Aa N,Kooy F,Brown KT,Gadzicki D,Kini U,Alvarez S,Fernandez-Jaen A,McGehee F,Selby K,Tarailo-Graovac M,Van Allen M,van Karnebeek CD,Stavropoulos DJ,Marshall CR,Merico D,Gregor A,Zweier C,Hopkin RJ,Chu YW,Chung BH,de Vries BB,Devriendt K,Hurles ME,Brunner HG Clinical delineation of the PACS1-related syndrome--Report on 19 patients. Am J Med Genet A 2016 Mar 170 (3): 670-5.
  • Journal Article, Balwani M,Burrow TA,Charrow J,Goker-Alpan O,Kaplan P,Kishnani PS,Mistry P,Ruskin J,Weinreb N Recommendations for the use of eliglustat in the treatment of adults with Gaucher disease type 1 in the United States. Mol Genet Metab 2016 Feb 117 (2): 95-103.
  • Journal Article, Lindsley AW,Saal HM,Burrow TA,Hopkin RJ,Shchelochkov O,Khandelwal P,Xie C,Bleesing J,Filipovich L,Risma K,Assa'ad AH,Roehrs PA,Bernstein JA Defects of B-cell terminal differentiation in patients with type-1 Kabuki syndrome. J Allergy Clin Immunol 2016 Jan 137 (1): 179-87.e10.
  • Journal Article, Esmaeeli Nieh S,Madou MR,Sirajuddin M,Fregeau B,McKnight D,Lexa K,Strober J,Spaeth C,Hallinan BE,Smaoui N,Pappas JG,Burrow TA,McDonald MT,Latibashvili M,Leshinsky-Silver E,Lev D,Blumkin L,Vale RD,Barkovich AJ,Sherr EH De novo mutations in KIF1A cause progressive encephalopathy and brain atrophy. Ann Clin Transl Neurol 2015 Jun 2 (6): 623-35.
  • Journal Article, Vawter-Lee MM,Hallinan BE,Burrow TA,Spaeth CG,Arthur TM A Novel Catastrophic Presentation of X-Linked Adrenoleukodystrophy. JIMD Rep 2015 24 97-102.
  • Journal Article, Cox TM,Drelichman G,Cravo R,Balwani M,Burrow TA,Martins AM,Lukina E,Rosenbloom B,Ross L,Angell J,Puga AC Eliglustat compared with imiglucerase in patients with Gaucher's disease type 1 stabilised on enzyme replacement therapy: a phase 3, randomised, open-label, non-inferiority trial. Lancet 2015 Jun 13 385 (9985): 2355-62.
  • Journal Article, Burrow TA,Sun Y,Prada CE,Bailey L,Zhang W,Brewer A,Wu SW,Setchell KD,Witte D,Cohen MB,Grabowski GA CNS, lung, and lymph node involvement in Gaucher disease type 3 after 11 years of therapy: clinical, histopathologic, and biochemical findings. Mol Genet Metab 2015 Feb 114 (2): 233-41.
  • Journal Article, Burton BK,Balwani M,Feillet F,Baric I,Burrow TA,Camarena Grande C,Coker M,Consuelo-Sanchez A,Deegan P,Di Rocco M,Enns GM,Erbe R,Ezgu F,Ficicioglu C,Furuya KN,Kane J,Laukaitis C,Mengel E,Neilan EG,Nightingale S,Peters H,Scarpa M,Schwab KO,Smolka V,Valayannopoulos V,Wood M,Goodman Z,Yang Y,Eckert S,Rojas-Caro S,Quinn AG A Phase 3 Trial of Sebelipase Alfa in Lysosomal Acid Lipase Deficiency. N Engl J Med 2015 Sep 10 373 (11): 1010-20.

Recent Grant Awards

  • The Clinical and Economic Burden of Illness of MPS II (Hunter Syndrome) in the United States, Shire, Shire MPS II, 2017-02-01 00:00:00-2018-01-31 00:00:00

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