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Xinyu Tang, Ph.D.

Picture of Picture ofXinyu  Tang
  • Assistant Professor, College of Public Health, Department of Biostatistics
  • Assistant Professor, College of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics


  • Biostatistics


  • Basic Scientist

Contact Information

  • Email:
    Phone: 501-364-6631
    Fax: 501-364-1431
    Address: Arkansas Children's Hospital
    1 Children's Way
    Little Rock, AR 72202


  • Ph.D. in Biostatistics, University of Pittsburgh, 2010
  • M.S. in Biostatistics, University of Pittsburgh, 2007
  • Graduate Diploma in Mathematics, University of Auckland, 2005
  • B.A. in English, Certificate in Applied Math and Software Design, East China University of Science and Technology, 2003

Recent Honors

  • Distinguished Student Paper Awards for the 2010 ENAR Spring Meetings, The International Biometric Society, Eastern North American Region (ENAR), 2010
  • Outstanding Student Award, Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh, 2007
  • Student Travel Award, Midwest Biopharmaceutical Statistics Workshop , 2009
  • Travel Award, The National Institute of Statistical Science (NISS) and the American Statistical Association (ASA) Writing Workshop, 2011
  • Travel Award, ENAR Workshop for Junior Biostatisticians in Health Research, 2012

Recent Publications

  • Journal Article, Acharya K., Weaver A., Li J., Tang X., Miquel-Verges F. Peripheral intravenous line skills among pediatrics and medicine-pediatrics residents at a single tertiary care center. International Journal of Medical Education 2013 Feb; 4:41-7.
  • Journal Article, O'Connor MJ., Lind C., Tang X., Gossett J., Weber J., Monos D., Shaddy RE. Persistence of anti-human leukocyte antibodies in congenital heart disease late after surgery using allografts and whole blood. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplant 2013 Apr; 32(4):390-7.
  • Journal Article, McCarty HM., Tang X., Swearingen CJ., Collins RT II. Comparison of electrocardiographic QTc duration in patients with supravalvar aortic stenosis with versus without williams syndrome. American Journal of Cardiology 2013 May; 111(10):1501-4.
  • Journal Article, Tang X., Wahed AS. Cumulative hazard ratio estimation for treatment regimes in sequentially randomized clinical trials. Statistics in Biosciences 2013 [Epub ahead of print], DOI10.1007/s12561-013-9089-6
  • Journal Article, Jambhekar SK., Pruss KK., Com G., Tang X., Jackson R., Carroll JL., Bower C., Ward W. Role of a respiratory therapist in improving adherence with positive airway pressure treatment in a Sleep Apnea Clinic. Respiratory Care 2013 Jun; [Epub ahead of print]
  • Journal Article, Mian A., Becton D., Saylors R., James L., Tang X., Bhutta A., Prodhan P. Biomarkers for risk stratification of febrile neutropenia among children with malignancy: a pilot study. Pediatric Blood and Cancer 2012 Aug; :238-245.
  • Journal Article, Kim I., Yang D., Tang X., Carroll JL. Reference gene validation for qPCR in rat carotid body during postnatal development. BMC Research Notes 2011 Oct; 4(440)
  • Journal Article, Tang X., Wahed AS. Comparison of treatment regimes with adjustment for auxiliary variables. Journal of Applied Statistics 2011 Dec; 38(12):2925-38.
  • Journal Article, Weeks DE., Tang X., Kwon AM. Casares' map function: no need for a 'corrected' Haldane's map function. Genetica. 2009 135(3):305-7.

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