Comments from Our Parents

You guys are doing a wonderful job with my son.  I couldn't ask for anything more.  You have changed my family's life in so many ways. Because of you guys our lives are so much better.  We get to have a normal, happy life.  Thank you!! 




Everyone does an amazing job.  Great team work and I love my child being in this clinic.  The improvement in my child is amazing.  Thanks to everyone.  Awesome job!




Our family has gotten so much benefit from KIDS FIRST.  I like the fact that all staff know our child's name even if they didn't have her in class.  Our child is learning respect for peers, as well as the staff.  She is really thriving from all the encouragement she gets from the staff and peers here.  She is encouraged to move forward, but made to feel good about herself and her unique qualities.  The rooms are bright, cheery and comfortable areas to learn and to grow.  I also feel that classroom staff and therapist work well together.

Your staff is awesome.  It speaks for itself when a child wants to go and learn.





We have been so pleased!  The changes and development have been incredible.  You have made such a difference for us.  You guys are GREAT!  Thank you so much!

Graduation - Congratulations to all our children!!