Mountain View

Director:  Brooke Morrow

1810 Ozarka College Drive
Mountain View, AR 72560

The KIDS FIRST clinic in Mountain View is the one among the 11 with the smallest enrollment and is located in the community with the least Services. The local Community Health Planning Group was the driving force in persuading KIDS FIRST to locate in their town. They pointed out that the area was greatly underserved with virtually no meaningful Services for young children. The CMS nurse was heard to tell KIDS FIRST administration that, “If you build it, they will come.”

Agreeing to become a part of the community, KIDS FIRST located in a commercial building just across from the local hospital and began to accept children into the program. The greatest challenge then, and continuing today, is the lack of transportation. After several years in the community, the program changed location and is now located in a newly renovated building with lots of space for the growing enrollment.

Strong area legislators and city leaders have assisted the program in “getting the word out” and garnering local recognition. Local newspaper owner/editor Rusty Frazier has been a valuable asset, and dedicated staff members keep good things happening for the children they serve.

KIDS FIRST Mt. View works in cooperation with local, area and state colleges to provide observation and training to nursing, early childhood and special education students.

For more information contact us at: 870-269-2110.

Donations made through the UAMS Foundation will benefit the children served in Mountain View.
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