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Innovation in Education

Technology is rapidly advancing medical care. Here at UAMS and ACH we are staying on the cutting edge with our digital media systems and simulation center.

Archived Videos
Archived videos:  Using up-to-date technology, all Grand Rounds and Noon Conferences are video-streamed live across the internet.  These conferences are also digitally stored and archived for viewing at later times at home, on campus, or off and regardless of time.  Our archived videos can be found by clicking here.

PedsPlace is a weekly, interactive teleconference held each Thursday on the ACH campus.  It is broadcast and autostreamed throughout campus, the state, and the country.  We have even had residents from India join us for the conferences!  Discussion topics are varied but include topics that would be important for practicing general pediatricians and residents.

PULSE Center
In the Spring of 2007, ACH opened up the state’s first fully functional simulation center at the PULSE center (Pediatric Understanding and Learning through Simulation Education).  This center uses cutting edge technology to simulate events and is rapidly transforming how medical students, residents, and patient care providers are being trained.

Residents participate in Mock Codes using the PULSE center to enact various crisis situations involving children with respiratory distress or arrest, hemodynamic instability, and/or cardiopulmonary arrest.  During the simulations, instructors can identify and discuss areas in need of educational intervention with the goal of improving the quality of care delivered during resuscitations and, ideally, improve outcomes.