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What to Expect Each Year

First Year Pediatric Resident (PGY-1)
The first year of pediatric training will give you a balanced experience in general pediatrics with rotations in the outpatient and inpatient setting.  It also includes rotations in the nursery services and one month of rotations in adolescent medicine and child behavior and development.  In the inpatient and outpatient setting, you will be the first line of contact performing the initial evaluation and subsequent management decisions for each patient. Emphasis is placed on acquisition of diagnositic and management skills, which will enable you to become an effective decision maker and supervisor.  As a first-year resident, you will work closely with second- and third- year residents and full-time faculty attending physicians. 

Second Year Pediatric Resident (PGY-2)

The second year of training in pediatrics will be a transition year for you.  In addition to gaining experience in the various pediatric subspecialties, you will have increased exposure to the management of more acutely ill patients.  You also will assume supervisory roles in inpatient areas.  On subspecialty services, you will serve as a consultant under the direct supervision of board certified pediatric subspecialists.  Additional elective time is available, allowing PL-2s to pursue areas of special interest and you will begin the early stage of career planning.

Third Year Pediatric Resident (PGY-3)
The third year of residency will offer you supervisory experience on inpatient and outpatient services.  As a third year resident, you will be expected to assume some responsibility for assisting in the education of the first year residents and medical students.  PL-3s also have the opportunity to select elective time based on individual needs and interests.  Electives can be arranged within a department, with selected community physicians or even abroad.  Lastly, you will finalize your plans for entering fellowship or beginning your general pediatric career. 
Throughout your three years of residency, you will serve as a primary care provider to a growing panel of patients within your Continuity Clinic at the Circle of Friends on the ACH campus.  You will also have opportunities to interact with the larger Little Rock community and state through various organizations residents team with through projects or rotations.