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Residency Program

Seasonal Social Events


Graduation Banquet
Housestaff and faculty are invited to send off the graduating residents with a bang!  During this banquet, the graduating residents are honored at their last official residency function in mid June.  This banquet is always a lot of fun, but is a sad reminder of the parting of people who have become close friends.

Intern Welcome Dinner
All new interns and their families are invited to a local restaurant where they are welcomed by the Program Director, Department Chairman, Chief Residents, other members of the housestaff, and other members of the faculty.  This also serves as a way for the intern class to meet one another so that they can organize impromptu meetings during the remainder of intern orientation.

Department of Pediatrics Housestaff: Night at the Travelers
Toward the end of June, the Housestaff Office invites residents and faculty to attend a Travelers Game at Dickey-Stevens Baseball park. We will rent out the party deck for dinner, the game, and some good company.  Families are welcome and this is another chance for the new intern class to meet the people they will be working with for the remainder of the year.


Tailgate Party
Each year the Razorbacks have a game in Little Rock.  Residents get together around the stadium during those games to experience tailgating SEC style!

Intern Retreat
Starting Wednesday night and lasting through Friday afternoon, the Chief Residents, Program Director, and Program Coordinators will take the entire intern class to a 4 H camp outside of Little Rock to participate in team building events with plenty of free time to have fun!  During these two days in September, upper level residents, fellows, and attendings cover the intern class’s responsibilities at the hospital.

State Fair
All the fried food you can eat is available at the state fair every October!  Residents meet up at the hospital at least once during the fair and carpool out to the fair to eat all the fried foods they can.  Hopefully all that food stays down during the rides!

Halloween Party
Every year a resident hosts a Halloween party at their house.  Families come early and the party usually lasts late!  Costumes are of course a prerequisite and are often quite different from those worn in the hospital during the day!  Groups of residents have been known to visit the Chairman’s house for trick or treating!


Chili Cook-off
Every winter an attending will host a chili cook-off at their house.  Three attendings function as judges and residents and other faculty members will bring their chili creations to be sampled by everyone.  Families are welcome and depending on the weather outdoor activities are used to burn off all the chili.  At the end of the day a champion is crowned and gets to spend the remainder of the year bragging!

Department of Pediatrics Holiday Party
The yearly Department Holiday party is held at one of Little Rock’s premier party locations. There’s great food, cocktails, music, and a chance to see attendings with their hair down! A good time is had by all!

Secret Santa
At the December Housestaff meeting residents open gifts from their “secret Santa” (chosen the previous month) in front of the rest of the housestaff.  The gifts tend to be quite humorous, and Santa’s cheeks aren’t the only ones that are red by the end of the day!

Holiday Progressive Dinner Party
This party train starts at one attendings house with appetizers, moves to another with entrees, and finishes at a third with drinks and deserts!  The party usually lasts well into the night and is attended by both residents and attendings.


Spring Picnic
Our large group of residents & attendings gather together for a day of fun, food and kickball. As the temperature warms up we get together to enjoy the great outdoors, visiting with families and a competitive game of kickball. Residents are this year's champs!

Second Year Retreat
Held in April, this 36 hour retreat is geared toward getting you ready for a career in pediatrics. With a focus on leadership and conflict resolution we are still able to leave plenty of time for fun!

All Year Round

Intramural Sports
Our Fitness Center arranges quite a variety of intramural sporting activities for ACH Employees and residents.  They include racquetball, basketball, volleyball, wallyball, kick ball, indoor soccer, wiffle ball, among others.  Residents are big participators in this event and our teams have done quite well this year!

Trivia Night
As a standing outing, our residents get together at a local establishment to play interactive trivia games and have fun!

Impromptu Get-togethers
Most of our resident get-togethers aren’t planned!